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A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)

A.I. use refers to the use of A.I. tools to obtain information and content which might be used in work produced for classwork or assessments, which could lead toward a qualification. While the range of A.I. tools, and their capabilities, is likely to expand greatly in the near future, misuse of A.I. tools in relation to qualification assessments at any time constitutes malpractice.  

Teachers and pupils should also be aware that A.I. tools are evolving quickly but there are still limitations to their use, such as producing inaccurate or inappropriate content. Most A.I. sites are not appropriate and have an age limit on them. For example, ChatGTP shouldn’t be used by anyone under the age of 13, and 13–18-year-olds are only advised to use it with guardian permission.  

The main risks of using A.I. are: 

  • Ambiguous age limits
  • Factual inaccuracies
  • Disinformation and propaganda
  • Exposure to harmful or inappropriate content
  • Mental health concerns
  • Social media interrogation
  • Phishing and scams

A.I. chatbots currently available include: 

There are also A.I. tools which can be used to generate images, such as: 

There are also A.I. tools which can be used to generate music. These include: 

Please have a conversation with your child about ChatGTP and other AI chatbots. Keep the conversation light so it doesn’t come across like you’re making accusations of them cheating on their homework! You can find out more information on the use of A.I. in schools with top tips from the Welsh Government.